I am a 53-year-old divorced woman living in the mountains of North Carolina.  I moved here from Atlanta, GA in 2002 to be a part of a wolf sanctuary.  I am on the board of directors and my official title is Secretary/Treasurer.  I created the Sanctum’s first website.

I have always loved and admired wolves and when I got the chance to be a part of this organization, I jumped at the chance.  We live on a mountain with approximately 40 acres of land.  I live on the hill above the wolf compound and can hear them howling all the time.  It’s like music to my ears!

I have also always been connected with the mountains.  Every time I got to vacation here, I would think how much I wanted to live here.  I finally got that chance and have never looked back.

Living with me, are my “owners”…a beautiful wolf dog named Tala…an adorable boxer/shepherd mix named Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein…and two cats, Carrie and Persephone.  My son will soon be moving back from Atlanta to stay with me for a while.  He is a warm, loving, intelligent, brave  young man who just happens to be gay.  I love and support him and always have.  I wish more parents could see that being gay is not a sin, nor is it a choice.  It makes me sad when families dissolve because a family member is gay.  But, I will have to blog more about that subject at a later time!

My hobbies are reading, writing, music, going to concerts, horse back riding, going to pow wows, crochet, beading and other Native crafts, singing and collecting porcelain dolls.

I became partially disabled in 1996 from Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I have had both knees and a hip replaced and joints fused in one foot.    Also, my son was recently diagnosed with MS.  Both of these diseases are autoimmune diseases.  I will soon write a blog about my experiences with both my RA and my son’s MS.


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