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The Wolf Sanctum..a Home for Wolves and Wolf Dogs

TimbreI remember the first time I was introduced to these beautiful, noble creatures.  My husband at the time, had taken me to visit Liz when we lived in Georgia.  He took me as a birthday gift…so that I could meet the wolves.  I have always been in love with them.  It was a dream come true to actually touch and stroke the fur of a wolf.    I had become good friends with Liz and her pack and it was not long after my first magical visit,  that wolves became illegal to keep in the state of Georgia.  She asked me if I would like to move to North Carolina with them to be a part of the sanctuary she was starting.  I jumped at the chance!

I was even more enthused when I discovered we would be living in the mountains.  For as long as I can remember, my family and I had come up to this area for vacations.  We also went to the beach, but to me, mountain vacations were the best.   So, I jumped at the chance to not only live in the mountains, but to be able to help the wolves as well.   I knew I would not be much good physically(because of my RA), but I wanted to lend my internet expertise to the cause along with anything else I could do.   So, in 2002, I moved my son Brandon and myself to a little town called Bakersville.  The Sanctum is situated on 39 mountain acres.  You have to drive up a long, gravel, switch-back driveway to get here.  Things here are very different than that of a big city and took some getting used to.  I grew to love this little town and our sanctuary very much.  I could never move back to the city. 

Over the years here…I have helped with our website and fund-raising for the wolves.  Recently, I helped to open our new online gift shop which will help support The Sanctum wolves.   If you have not yet visited our website and our online gift shop, please do so.  On our website, you will meet the denizens of the Sanctum.  Our little pack has thinned over the years…  alas, like it is with all living creatures…death is inevitable.  We miss the ones who have passed on and we even dedicate a page on our website to our departed friends.  Our site also gives information on sponsorships, volunteering and information about our area.

Feel free to visit us at   

Our online gift shop is at

Right now, the Sanctum is open to the general public on Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm (weather permitting) through the first week or so of November.  All other tours must be arranged by the director, Liz Mahaffey.  All info is on our website.


AmyE Photography…An Interview With a Young Entrepeneur

One of Amy's models wearing a pair of Wolf Mountain Jewelry Earrings.

With her new business barely off the ground, Amy Estes has already booked sessions for weddings, engagements, family pictures and more.  She has a keen eye and an imaginative mind, which makes her photography unique.  Amy truly seems to love taking photographs and I am constantly amazed at some of the shots she gets.

I asked Amy to talk to me about her love of photography and this is what she had to say.

When and why did you first become interested in photography?
“I can’t really remember.. it just happened.  I remember taking tons of photos of nature and then one day I decided that I just
LOVED it and wanted to try my hand at taking photos of people.  Then my parents bought me my first “real” camera for Christmas.
I had no idea where this venture would take me.”

What types of things do you like to photograph the most and why?

Here Comes The Bride

“I enjoy taking photos of everything, but mostly engagements and weddings.  I love being a part of someone’s special
memories… like their wedding day.  I have made some awesome new friends this way.”

Has your interest in photography changed your life at all and why?
“It has, very much so. Like I said before, I have made so many new friends throughout this journey.  One of my closest friends is a fellow photographer and I adore her! I seem to always have photography on my mind.  When I get a GOOD picture, it shows… I get so giddy and girly!  My clients laugh at me.”

What do you see yourself doing with your photography in the next 10 years?
“Oh goodness, I have many hopes and dreams.  I will just be happy if I can continue on this path that I’m on now…making new friends and capturing their memories.  I hope to one day have an office/studio of my own…perhaps on my own property.  I’d like a small cabin-like building on a nice piece of  land, with some animals and awesome backgrounds for shooting.”

Beautiful Child

I can really see that happening one day for Amy.  She is a very talented young woman who I am proud to call my niece.

Go check out Amy’s website at:

A Lovely Couple