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AmyE Photography…An Interview With a Young Entrepeneur

One of Amy's models wearing a pair of Wolf Mountain Jewelry Earrings.

With her new business barely off the ground, Amy Estes has already booked sessions for weddings, engagements, family pictures and more.  She has a keen eye and an imaginative mind, which makes her photography unique.  Amy truly seems to love taking photographs and I am constantly amazed at some of the shots she gets.

I asked Amy to talk to me about her love of photography and this is what she had to say.

When and why did you first become interested in photography?
“I can’t really remember.. it just happened.  I remember taking tons of photos of nature and then one day I decided that I just
LOVED it and wanted to try my hand at taking photos of people.  Then my parents bought me my first “real” camera for Christmas.
I had no idea where this venture would take me.”

What types of things do you like to photograph the most and why?

Here Comes The Bride

“I enjoy taking photos of everything, but mostly engagements and weddings.  I love being a part of someone’s special
memories… like their wedding day.  I have made some awesome new friends this way.”

Has your interest in photography changed your life at all and why?
“It has, very much so. Like I said before, I have made so many new friends throughout this journey.  One of my closest friends is a fellow photographer and I adore her! I seem to always have photography on my mind.  When I get a GOOD picture, it shows… I get so giddy and girly!  My clients laugh at me.”

What do you see yourself doing with your photography in the next 10 years?
“Oh goodness, I have many hopes and dreams.  I will just be happy if I can continue on this path that I’m on now…making new friends and capturing their memories.  I hope to one day have an office/studio of my own…perhaps on my own property.  I’d like a small cabin-like building on a nice piece of  land, with some animals and awesome backgrounds for shooting.”

Beautiful Child

I can really see that happening one day for Amy.  She is a very talented young woman who I am proud to call my niece.

Go check out Amy’s website at:


A Lovely Couple