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Promoting Etsy Artists- Part 1

Since I joined Etsy back in February. I have had the great honor of meeting some wonderful artists.   This group of people gathered on one website, is probably the most eclectic and talented bunch of folks I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of.   I feel honored to be a part of Etsy and these wonderful people.  I have joined three Etsy groups and have made some lovely friends.

The purpose of this blog is to give credit where credit is due.  I want to promote some of these awesome artists!  So, I will be doing a multi- part blog on some of these very talented people.  This will be an ongoing project of mine.

So, without further ado…meet Tiffany Coble…owner of Sisterly Creationz.

I asked Tiffany to describe what she and her store are all about.  Here is what Tiffany told me.

“Well I’d have to say that the most important thing about me is that I am a very honest and caring person who thrives on making people happy. I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder which has made it very difficult for me to talk to people face to face. Because of this I have chosen to run my business online. I feel that I have a natural ability to talk to people and I love to use my creativity to start conversations. When people ask me why I started designing jewelry I simply tell them that I love to feel beautiful and being able to wear a gorgeous piece of jewelry allows me to do that on a budget. I started making jewelry after buying my daughter her own bead sets to make jewelry together.  This inspired my sister to make jewelry to sell.  Together, we decided that we have a talent for design and chose to start Sisterly Creations Handmade Jewelry and More.  Since then,  my sister has stopped designing but I have grown more passionate about it. I have always dreamed of having my own fashion line.   I just didn’t know it would be jewelry.  Now that I am finally getting established and have earned a 100% positive feedback reputation,  I am looking forward to seeing my sales soar and take my jewelry to a whole new realm of design and customers flocking in to see what’s next.”

Tiffany has a similar story to many people on Etsy, myself included.   There are more and more people out there opening up online businesses due to one form of disability or another… Tiffany’s is PTSD,  mine is RA.   It’s a way for us to  feel we are a useful, contributing  part of society and also gives us a creative outlet.

Etsy has allowed me and many others an opportunity that we might not have had otherwise.

Please visit Tiffany’s shop athttp://www.sisterlycreationz.etsy.com